Managing your Azure costs should be fast and easy

Turn your Microsoft Azure cost data into valuable insights that help you run a lean, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud environment with ShareGate Overcast.


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Cost visibility and tracking

Get AI-backed insights to save time and avoid unpleasant surprises

Diligent cost surveillance requires time-consuming manual work. Let ShareGate Overcast do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll show you trends and forecast costs, alert you ahead of time when you’re off target, and flag anomalies so you can get to fixing issues before they become bigger problems.

CostHubs app screenshot CostHubs app screenshot Budgets and alerts in ShareGate Overcast Intelligent Forecasting app screenshot AnomalyDetection APP SCREENSHOT
  • CostHubs icon CostHubs business mapping
  • Forecasting icon Budgets and alerts
  • Cost cariations icon AI-powered cost forecasting
  • AnomalyDetection_icon Automatic anomaly detection
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Cost optimization

Run a leaner, more cost-effective Azure environment

Reduce waste and rightsize your resources with ShareGate Overcast’s cost savings recommendations. Identify which resources are contributing the most to driving up costs and view monthly variations so you can understand what’s changed and what do to about it.

Image of cost saving opportunities recommended by ShareGate Overcast Image of cost saving opportunities recommended by ShareGate Overcast Image of cost variations shown in ShareGate Overcast. Image of a magnifying glass zooming in on top cost drivers identified by ShareGate Overcast.
  • Saving recommendations icon Savings recommendations
  • Dashboards and reporting icon Cost variations to see what's changed
  • Resource allocations icon Top cost drivers
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The ShareGate difference

We built ShareGate Overcast to help businesses control
Azure costs through transparency, collaboration, and simplicity.

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Simplified troubleshooting

ShareGate Overcast makes troubleshooting easy by showing you the resource affected, its admin, the last action taken on it, and more, so you can kickstart your investigation. 

Illustration of a dollar sign with arrows moving clockwise around it.

Proactive cost management

We’ll give you visibility into what’s coming your way and highlight issues so you can fix them proactively. You can be confident that if something’s not right, you’ll be the first to know. 

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Time savings

Find the information you’re looking for in a few seconds so you can go back to building great business infrastructure rather than sifting through layers of data.  

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Unlimited support.
Always free.

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